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All Advisors are State licensed and appointed/approved to transact with approved vendors in your School District, Municipalities, all Federal and State Employee Classifications.

Prior to COVID 19 Crisis many Advisors may have been seen on campus meeting with Teachers, Professors, Staff or has the in past held employee workshops for Municipality, Firefighters, Law Enforcement .and other classified employees.

All Advisors have foregone Federal CSRS and FERS Pensions Training earning the FRC Federal Retirement Consultants Designation.

With decades of experience our Advisors provide never a fee personalized annual retirement reviews. Employees appreciate the a a more personalized review as it allows for them to ask questions, discuss their concerns and uncertainty, gain information and learn about financial solutions that help reduce employees tax liabilities in retirement. Face to face retirement review using ZOOM Conferencing.

The advantages are numerous from educating State and Federal employees on the complexity of their Pensions, understanding supplemental retirement options, and helping employees prepare for potential obstacles and gain
a better perspective for what their future may hold.